Assister's Corner

Schools and Health Coverage

CCHI-authored bill, AB 2706 (Hernandez), was signed into law in 2014 and requires schools to add an item to their enrollment forms in order to provide the parent or legal guardian information about health coverage options and enrollment assistance for school years 2015, 2016 and 2017.


Schools can share all the information families need to know with this customizable flyer created by CCHI and the ALL IN Campaign. The flyer is in Spanish and English and contains a customizable box for adding local resources. Enrollment organizations can promote their own local enrollment resources too by customizing the flyer and sending it to your local school district.

  • Customizable Family Flyer: Print-ready flyer in English and Spanish for schools to distribute to families. Customize it with local resources from the directory below.

  • Directory of Local Enrollment Resources: Customize your family flyer with the contact information of your county’s local enrollment organizations.

  • About AB 2706 Flyer: All the information school administrators and teachers need to know about the new legislation.

School Based Enrollment – Best Practice Session

A special presentation by Community Health Initiative of Napa County, Solano Coalition for Better Health and the California School Boards Association on how enrollment organizations can connect with their local school districts to make sure all children are enrolled. Through the right agreements and privacy procedures, enrollment organizations can use school enrollment forms to gather information on families who may need help with health coverage.

Sample materials are generously provided by Napa CHI.