Assister's Corner


CCHI has collaborated with organizations and partners to create a comprehensive training program for Certified Application Assisters, Certified Application and Enrollment Counselors, and Promotoras for statewide use. 

The curriculum addresses Outreach, Enrollment, Retention, and Utilization/Navigation to meet the needs of communities across California. It provides Health Access Assisters (HAA) with the knowledge they need to help families and individuals get enrolled in healthcare, navigate and utilize the healthcare system. The training includes extensive information regarding Medi-Cal and Medi-Cal eligibility rules so that assisters are prepared to help the many individuals and families for whom Medi-Cal is the appropriate option for health coverage. We want to ensure that CACs and CECs have the tools they need to work through all the possible concerns individuals may have with the healthcare system, and ensure that they feel comfortable making the best possible use of their health plans.

In our efforts to continually get more Californians insured, our training includes resources for outreach and retention to guide health access specialists in the work of reaching wider into California’s communities. To best serve our diverse population, we cover best practices in cultural sensitivity and ethical standards, as well as provide information and resources for assisting immigrants with their many concerns in response to our current healthcare landscape. 

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