The expansion of Medi-Cal to undocumented children through SB75 Health4All Kids has been implemented through perhaps the most rapid and issue-free transition in California’s healthcare history.

Want the quick scoop on the Health4All Kids transition? Below are some quick bullet-point updates to keep you informed about the status of the Health4All kids transition, based on information obtained from CCHI’s partners in the process.

CCHI extends its warm congratulations to Santa Clara county for extending its Community Health Partnership coverage to undocumented adults within the county!

Ask any California health advocate what the major problem with Medi-Cal is and they will tell you, “It’s the low reimbursement rates to providers!”

A recent Associated Press article on the Medi-Cal special session quoted Governor Brown alongside Republican leaders of the Senate and Assembly, but it gave the closing comment to CCHI’s own Executive Director, Mark Diel.

Here in California we take getting children enrolled in health coverage very seriously and in a state where 39 percent of our population is Latino, it is important that California identify opportunities to help Latino children get the health insurance coverage they need to succeed.

As we approach the second Open Enrollment (OE2), we know we need to polish up our outreach and enrollment skills and learn the best strategies to assist uninsured Californians in getting covered.

eet Melissa Lopez, a single mom to 4 beautiful young children, a full time Inclusion Aide for Department of Special Education at a local school district, and a part time student. Impressive already!

Are you or someone you know helping your family, friends or community get enrolled in health coverage in California? If so, you are a superhero!

California’s Hidden Heroes might not be wearing superhero capes or masks but they still know how to save the day. Hidden Heroes wear everyday clothes and are helping their family and friends live healthy lives by getting affordable health care.

CCHI staff shared a moment of anticipation on a recent Thursday afternoon as we hovered together around a computer monitor, fingers crossed, collective breath held. It marked an historic moment for CCHI and our entire network of members across the state.

The idea that schools are a link to successful children and families is not new. Growing up, my parents received all types of information from my school about academics, fundraisers, before and after school programs and community organizations that helped provide basic services.

As a CCHI Program Coordinator I travel all over California to visit the far reaches of CCHI’s statewide network of outreach and enrollment organizations.

Almost half of all kids in California are enrolled in Denti-Cal, the state’s public dental insurance program. But, there are far too few dentists to serve them and so the Denti-Cal system isn’t doing what it’s meant to do.

California always seems to be at the edge of change and innovation. Nearly two months into the debut of the Affordable Care Act’s Open Enrollment period, Californians have proven once again that we can lead the nation, forging a new path and applying our entrepreneurial spirit to the challenges that we encounter.

CCHI was founded on the core principle of providing access to quality health coverage and care for California children and families where the need is greatest.

Today is the day many Americans have been waiting for. For far too long, millions across the United States have lived with the uncertainty and distress caused by lack of affordable health coverage options.